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Australian hand painted, glass and ceramic, gifts and souvenirs.

Hand painted glass and ceramic gifts and souvenirs, such as shot glasses, ceramic mugs, wine and champagne glasses, salt and pepper, candle cups, candle sticks, T-lite memories, flower vases, ashtrays.

All our glass and porcelain products are hand painted with quality materials and are dishwasher resistant. They make perfect souvenirs from Australia

As well as gifts and souvenirs we can also provide personalised and hand painted bonbonniere for your wedding gifts, with your names and wedding date of your special day. These can be designed to fit your colour scheme and theme adding a special touch for your table layout.


Aboriginal Art Sunglasses

Out of Byron Shop offers an exciting new range of quality Australian sunglasses and watches (wrist watches) featuring Australian Aboriginal art designs by leading contemporary Indigenous artists and designers, Julie Unguna Paige and Susan Betts.

The stylish general purpose sunglasses are Australian standard approved EPF 10 as recommended by the Australian Anti-Cancer Council.

The lenses blockout 99% of harmful UV rays. They are intended to reduce glare in ordinary circumstances. They serve as a wonderful accessory which is both functional and protective.

There is a complimentary sunglass stand with your first order of 36pr assorted sunglasses and watch stand with your first order of 36 watches.

The Aboriginal Art Watch will be greatly appreciated as a gift and unique as a souvenir, while serving as a wonderful accessory which is functional, fashionable and beautiful.

Brand: Outback Eyewear
(in the Australian Outback Artists Series)

Australian Gifts and Souvenirs
Great souvenirs from Australia to take home to family and friends

Wholesale and Retail, Gifts and Souvenirs Hand Painted / Made in Australia