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T-Lite Memories

* For those who are unable to travel to Australia but have an interest in Australia and Australian things.

* Tourists who have visited Australia but require additional souvenir items for themselves, family or friends upon return to their home country.

* Tourists currently visiting Australia who prefer to have their Australian gifts and souvenir purchases shipped directly to their home rather than having to personally carry them home. 

* Promotional giveaway Gift or souvenir items or variety packs; such as hand painted products customized with your company name, Aboriginal art watches, sunglasses or drink holders, Australian companies attending trade shows overseas, Australian embassies and companies holding Australian themed parties and events.  Attractive discounts apply for large orders.   Please email us for a quote.

* Gifts and souvenir products for promotional companies to provide to their clients.

Your feedback and input is greatly appreciated, as my products continue to bennefit from your comments.


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Wholesale and Retail, Gifts and Souvenirs Hand Painted in Australia